Miu and you will Kokichi provides an extremely bad relationships, each other hating additional heavily

Miu and you will Kokichi provides an extremely bad relationships, each other hating additional heavily

Kokichi keeps teasing K1-B0 on account of K1-B0 getting unaware and a robot, thus and make your a straightforward target. K1-B0 is extremely embarrassing which bondagecom hookup have Kokichi due to this fact and you may repeatedly asks your to get rid of. Kokichi appear to is the bot since “Kee-boy”, even if the guy said he’d instead become named Keebo.

not, Kokichi will not really appear to have a harmful purpose, when he looks undoubtedly looking K1-B0. Their behavior looks similar to lack of knowledge and you can simple bigotry, when he apparently takes into account spiders intriguing and “cool”, however, he thinks they aren’t some body, meaning that he does not clean out K1-B0 eg a bona-fide person. He or she is thinking about K1-B0, wanting to be friends with “this new bot” and you may childishly chasing after him so that you can touch him, relatively perhaps not realizing that their decisions is actually offending and you can condescending. He along with curiously requires about how the fresh robot services, such as for example asking throughout the his private bits, and looks upset in case your answers are duller than he questioned. He together with planned to rating rocket punched by the K1-B0, nevertheless the robot said he doesn’t have such as form, which produced Kokichi very troubled and you will wonder as to the reasons new bot actually can be found.

Kokichi will continue to eradicate K1-B0 when you look at the a discerning and you will much more vicious trend regarding games. The guy does highly recommend K1-B0 should do big functions, just like the he’s a robotic, and possess pointing out he isn’t really men. After they enter the Neo Business Program the very first time, Kokichi almost quickly slaps K1-B0, supposedly to check on how it works in system. He always raises exactly how K1-B0 differs from the remainder and is not men, and points out their difficulties with facts individual emotions. Yet not, during the one point, the guy appears really amazed because of the idea that K1-B0 might undoubtedly know human ideas.

The guy together with have a tendency to insults their and you may calls the woman an effective pervert due to the woman sexual nature

To your his whiteboard, Kokichi relates to K1-B0 as the “weird”, and given their cleverness you are able which he are paranoid and doubtful out-of a robotic into the a destroying video game form you to logically should be having people.

Rather, immediately after Kokichi’s dying and you may reading their history words out of Kaito, K1-B0 is but one exactly who seems to accept that their dying terms and conditions might have been the sincere realities rather than a rest. Considering his internal voice, he had been very possible best.

Within the extra function Biggest Skill Advancement Bundle, once purchasing three years because the Kokichi’s classmate, K1-B0 acknowledges he considers Kokichi his pal even though he isn’t attracted to their robophobia. Kokichi searched genuinely surprised, however, rapidly went on in the usual flirting trend, no matter if he together with pointed out that K1-B0 is fairly wise to own a robot meaning that the latest suggest things Kokichi says to your extremely ought not to matter to help you him.

Miu Iruma

She insults him by getting in touch with him a good shota and you may a compulsive liar (from the English adaptation, she goes even more because of the contacting him “lying nothing abortion”). Kokichi, therefore, was been shown to be most irritated and you may disgusted from the Miu, tend to calling the woman by derogatory conditions such a whore and a cunt, very significantly a beneficial pig, that could backlink to help you Kokichi which have a dislike for “pig feet”, and stating that she is things such as unappealing, smelly and you may inadequate. Kokichi’s remedy for Miu seems much harsher than simply that have anybody else when he quite often looks legitimate if you are insulting the lady, even when being a masochist, Miu often just enjoys new insults. In her relationship graph, he orders the woman to acquire on her hips. Both are seen insulting each other several times from inside the examples, with Kokichi successful such arguments because of their stronger character.