The Future of Scouting

Today’s digital era has brought remarkable advancements not only in science, mathematics, and engineering but also in sports. Technology has given the sports industry easy access to enhanced performance metrics, statistics, and diet tracking; all of which help to improve a player’s success. It has also transformed the world of scouting in soccer.

Currently, there have been several data gathering applications emerging that help scouts track their talent. One of the most popular and most used is Wyscout. This professional platform offers a vast array of tools, videos, data, and statistics to help clubs see a players’ potential. It provides information about each player in every game. Wyscout also uploads more than 2,000 football games every week and 400 million plays, from youth tournaments to major European championships. It analyzes over 250 competitions weekly.  With its advanced data, coaches and scouts can better understand the players they wish to pursue.

Online scouting is a concept that many clubs have been embracing. They are utilizing online databases to track their players and get a better grasp of their potential and statistics. Primarily, these databases include in-game footage that provides subsequent knowledge about the player. The problem with these online databases is that they often leave the players out of the process. But that was only until the year 2013 when a company called Fieldoo recognized the importance of keeping the players involved. 

Fieldoo is a social networking service that makes it easier for footballers to get in touch with agents or scouts from around the world. It also helps clubs find talents for their teams. Fieldoo revolutionized the scouting world as it gave players more presence in the scouting process.

Sports, especially soccer, has always brought people together. It has brought individuals of different ages, cultures, and races all under one roof. The world of scouting is an example of this. Agents have consistently provided talents from all over the globe with opportunities of a lifetime. They have also ensured they promote a culture of inclusivity and tolerance by guaranteeing the players are kept in the process. 

The wonderful game of soccer has blessed us with some of the best moments in sports, but it is without question that it’s beautiful because of how it brings the world together.