The Importance of a Soccer Agent

When an athlete goes to the professional level, there comes a level of expectations to his style of play and the standards he holds himself to; but, going professional also means he/she has obtained bigger opportunities in life outside of the pitch. These include endorsement deals, sponsorships with brands, and deals that give the player more opportunities to grow a personal brand and to make more money. That is why getting an agent is absolutely essential for players. Not only do Agents give players new opportunities but they also represent them. Therefore, it is crucial for a player to prioritize finding a good agent that can represent themselves well.

As mentioned, agents represent the player in aspects outside of the pitch. Given a player’s busy schedule with training and multiple professional games, agents provide a sense of ease for the player when it comes to managing their schedule, or keeping track of events that they need to attend to. It is crucial, therefore, that the agent must be responsible and aware of the player at all times. If a player is not fit to attend an event, it is the responsibility of the agent to inform the company beforehand, as it is their role as the middle man. If they do not do so, it can reflect a negative image towards the player, affecting his future reputation.

More than just keeping track of the player’s schedule, it is also the job of the agent to be the player’s primary contact if a certain company or organization wishes to partner with the player in an endorsement deal or a brand signing. In the world of sports, this is most evident when a player decides to partner up with a popular sports company such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, etc. Although the players are free to make their own decisions, an agent is still a helpful piece in making sure the player lands the best possible deal through effective negotiation skills. 

These deals offer far more than just money; they offer needed exposure that a player needs to grow his/her marketability. With the recent trend of stars emerging from very young ages some as early as 16, it is important for an agent to guide these young players to make the right decisions early on that will provide them with the best financial future, as the business world may not be a field that the player has a full grasp on yet. 

Other than endorsement deals and financial security, agents are tasked with the role of being the intermediary and handling all public relation matters. Typically, an agent is contacted in order to ask if the player is available for interviews, media appearances, social media posts, etc. In times of controversy, an agent works together with the player to handle and mitigate situations in order for the player’s public image to remain intact. This is the main reason why agents often become a player’s closest friend, as they become a source of pastoral support and a brother that the player can trust.

Given all these reasons, it is extremely important for a player to keep in mind that agents are vital for success in their careers. Just take a look at the “super agents” that the world’s best players have. Jorge Mendes (Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent) is known as one of the world’s most popular agents and it can even be said that his influence helped make Ronaldo’s prestigious career. Mendes’ skills in negotiation and business helped Ronaldo to earn millions and establish a truly influential presence in the football world and community. But more than that, an agent becomes a friend, so it is important for young stars to realize that they need to find the right balance of an agent, who both cares about the player’s well-being as well as the possible business decisions they will have to make in the future. While it is common to see individual agents, it is also easy to find an agency who represents clients around the world, such as what we at ETA Sports are all about. We have the capability and drive to ensure that young and aspiring athletes are represented well, are cared for, and that they are able to ascend to greater heights.

At ETA Sports, will be sure not to let you down. We wish for nothing more than to see you grow with us and to be the agency that you can trust.