The Importance of Soccer Sponsorships

The world of soccer may seem simple on paper, but in reality, there are many factors to consider for a club to succeed.  With its huge popularity across the globe, soccer has not just remained as a sport, but it is a business as well. Money is an essential element for every club.  It is without question that the more money a club makes, the more they can succeed.  With that in mind,  let’s take a look at why it is important for clubs to establish sponsorship deals, and what it means in the world of soccer.

The obvious reason for sponsorship deals is to have an influx of money into the club. The more money a team has, the more they have to spend on player wages, club facilities, coaches, and more. All of these factors contribute to a better experience for fans and for the players as well.  Furthermore, a good sponsorship deal expands the club’s marketability. For instance, if a club decides to partner with a brand for jersey sales, the club and that respective brand immediately become associated with one another.  When the Premier League was sponsored by Barclays, statistics showed that every time the banking company was mentioned, one in four conversations mentioned the Premier League.  Through the publicity the league received around the world, it helped the british bank expand to Africa and the Middle East. 

 Another example is Betway, the main sponsor for West Ham United FC. Betway supported the club’s expansion to the London Stadium. Because of the sponsorship deal, the club’s facilities were greatly improved, along with investing more in players and player development. 

Sponsorship deals benefit both the club and the brand or business that they are partnered with.  Statistics show that soccer is the sport that attracts the most sponsorships.  Soccer generates almost 20 billion a year in sponsorship deals, rights and merchandise globally.  This fact alone is enough to show the impact soccer has across the globe. The reason why brands and businesses decide to sponsor soccer clubs is because of the global impact and global publicity they receive.  

As the soccer world continues to grow, there is no denying that the soccer world is also a business.  It is also important that small clubs attract sponsorship deals as well.  ETA Sports provides an avenue for these negotiations to happen, serving as a bridge for clubs to gain a wider market.